Ossett Observer’s New Year’s Rulin’s


Happy New Year my dearios.

Now, how many times have we all set ourselves New Year’s Resolutions that all fly out the window the first time someone offers us a cream cake, a pint, or a fag??

Well with ┬ámore than a nod to Woody Guthrie we decided to set ourselves some New Year’s Rulin’s, that is, little promises and aspirations that we feel we can achieve that will make for a happier, healthier, more positive future. Nothing too expensive, nothing too challenging, just some stuff that we know would make us and hopefully YOU feel better.

And here they are ….

1. Join a choir and sing sing sing
2. Write poetry, it might be rubbish at first but tell your own story
3. Dance more, especially to unfashionable music
4. Make friends with your neighbours
5. Shop Independent
6. Make a piece of clothing and wear it with pride
7. Walk more, it’s free
8. Go camping, you’ll love it honest
9. Work hard
10. Be Nice

Check in occasionally and let us know how you are getting along. We like to hear from people and also, if you have any ideas about how we might fulfil our ‘Rulin’s’ do let us know.



Images created as part of our ‘Sloganism’ project at Festival In A Day 2014

Special thanks to Helen Thomas and Ralph Dartford.

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