Tell Us Your Stories Of Hospitality

TeapotAs part of our research for Threshold, we are inviting people to tell us stories of hospitality they have been offered and received.

A few weeks ago we asked you how you would offer hospitality to visitors to your home. Many of your responses featured cups of tea, cake, a tipple, which we all felt were typically British ways to offer hospitality. But we were wondering whether you’d been offered hospitality by people of different cultures and countries, and what that might be.

Observer Jacqui was once offered a hearty meat stew by Hungarian peasant farmers, it was made with such love, and offered with such warmth that she tucked in, despite being a committed vegetarian. Sometimes the offer of kindness from strangers challenges our own customs, tastes and likes. Have you any tales of hospitality from other cultures?

We know lots of you are well travelled or have family and friends from around the world. Can you share any experiences with us? Please email

Or you can leave a comment here for our research.

Thank you.

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