We make and do wonderful things.
Whimsical since 2011. Not a newspaper since 1986.

These are the web-pages for Ossett Observer, 2011-1017, an Arts Project based in Ossett, West Yorkshire led by Jacqui Wicks and Ralph Dartford. We took our name from the town’s defunct weekly newspaper and over a period of 6 years we published books, hosted carnivals, sang songs, programmed events and introduced the town to the joys of the Ukulele.¬†We had lots of help from local businesses, residents and voluntary organisations and could not have delivered many of these projects without funding from Arts Council England. Big thanks to all.

For now we are taking a breather, but we’re rather thrilled with our legacy, we celebrated our town, created opportunities for many emerging artists, made some beautiful things happen and produced a national tour that set sail from our small town, but best of all, we made heaps of friends. You can see many of our projects in the pages on this website. Thanks for now and we hope to see you all somewhere soon.

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