Want A Choir In Your Garden??

Would you like a spangling, jangling, clanging, jingle bell ringing, glorious racket-making choir to sing in your garden or on your street this Christmas?  … well this year is the 4th year that we will have hosted our annual #FlashChoir event in Ossett and we’re looking for folks to sing for. Our event is on Tuesday 20th December and we shall be parading about the streets of Ossett making a joyful noise.


In previous years we have just set off and seen where the fancy has taken us, calling off at houses that have made an extra special effort with their Christmas Decorations. This year we thought we’d put a call out for folks who really are into the spirit of Christmas and who would welcome a visit from #FlashChoir.

To get a visit from #FlashChoir you have to fulfil the following criteria

1/ Be within 15 minutes walking distance of Trinity Church, Ossett. (Bear in mind that we are a large mass of folks with a huge illuminated ruminant, we do not move quickly)

2/ Have made an extra special effort with your Christmas Lights this year (send us a pic)

3/ Gather your friends and neighbours to hear us sing on December 20th

4/ Give us a mince pie.

If you want us to come sing in your garden or on your street you just need to contacts us at hello@ossettobserver.co.uk

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