‘Some Like It Ossett’ at The Seaside

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Grab your bucket and spade, your suncream and your Ukulele and head to Scarbrough to join ‘Some Like It Ossett’ for a seaside themed Ukulele Busk to open Scarborough’s Seafest on Saturday 25th July.

We’ll rendezvous on the ‘Prom Prom Prom’ with our little ukuleles in our hands and get the festival off to a grand start. Anyone can join us, all you need to do is download our Seaside Songbook, practise the tunes and turn up.

The songs are intended for beginner to intermediate and they should be ones you all know. So join us … let’s bring some sunshine.

Click here to download the SINGALONG A SEAFEST SONGBOOK


Photograph: Richard Stanley at Portrait Sideshow


Stephen Nixon

Enjoyed the ukelele concert at the Seafest in Scarborough. Wish I had known about this before or I would have brought my uke with me to have a “plonk” with you.


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