Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times – Limited Edition

In celebration of our small press having SOLD OUT of all 600 copies of our hand-made poetry books. We have released this limited edition plain black cover of ‘Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times’ an Anthology from the original line up of A Firm Of Poets.

In plain black cover with red stitching, this volume will effortlessly grace your poetry shelves. You’ll also look dead cool reading this on the bus, and if you’re remotely embarrassed about being a lover of poetry, then this plain black cover will not give you away.

Hand stitched in imported French thread by Roger Grech from http://www.papercutbindery.co.uk this is a beautiful collectors item.

With poetic contributions from Matt Abbott, Genevieve Walsh, John Darwin, Ralph Dartford and Matthew Hedley Stoppard.

You can buy your copy HERE  and we’ll throw in a lovely book bag as a gift for everyone who buys through our Etsy Shop.



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