Ossett Observer Small Press

In 2013, we decided to return to Ossett Observer’s roots as a printer and publisher and established our own small press. We make limited edition poetry anthologies. We work with writers we admire and craftsmen and women who keep the fine art of printing and bookbinding going.

To date we have published three volumes and sold over 600 books.


‘Cigarettes, Beer and Love’ by Ralph Dartford (SOLD OUT)

The book is just beautiful, on every level.  I read it through at the weekend, and love the feel and look of it.  Ralph writes so eloquently but simply. It’s a real joy of my job to invite folk and end up with an hour of radio as rewarding as that. Andrew Edwards BBC

Poignant and hilarious, Cigarettes, Beer and Love is a must read Anthony Clavane, writer

A lovely book, my favourites are the title poem and ‘The Dandy’ Julia Bird, writer

A book that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, just beautiful, no, really beautiful. Ian McMillan


‘Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times’ by A Firm Of Poets (SOLD OUT)

These are poems that stop traffic, consider themselves ruined, pump blood, throw out all the love songs and write them from scratch. They are ‘brave as a robin in hail’, full of words that will ‘hold / you through / the hard times.’ Dive in.”Helen Mort, poet

My first post in my new home was this small book of poems from the Ossett Observer. It is incredibly beautiful. Design, layout, typography are lovely. The poems, you’ll be glad to hear, are pretty good too. Dan Thompson, Revolutionary Arts

“This is proper, visceral stuff about real life. Poetry for the rest of us. Long live The Firm.” Luke Wright, poet.

“this is a ****ing brilliant collection of poems and i don’t do flattery”Mike Garry, poet

Limited Edition, Little Black Book, version of “Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times’. If you’re embarrassed about reading poetry, no one will know!!! Hand stitched by Roger Grech of Papercut Bindery, these volumes with a plain black cover, contain the poetry of the original ‘A Firm of Poets’ collective. Can be purchased from our Etsy Shop.

We employ traditional printing and book biding methods so our books take a long time to make, are all hand bound and read as good as they feel. We made these books with the craft of Papercut Bindery, Leeds Graphic Press, The Print Project and Shephard Creative.

This is a short film made by Nicholas Singleton and 412Productions about the making of our second anthology ‘Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times’.

Praise for the books.