Are You Going to ‘Flock To Ossett’

We’ve started our teaser campaign for Flock To Ossett this week. We’ve been out and about on the streets, in pubs, social centres and workplaces spreading the word by distributing our lovely flyer.


Yew Tree Youth Theatre have been helping us to promote our event by striking up conversations with families in the market place and swapping Flock To Ossett badges for a promise to come visit our town on June 30th 2012. They look like old fashioned sweeties and are a limited edition so if you see one of our team on the street, stop them, Pledge Allegiance To The Sheep and we’ll give you a lovely limited edition badge.


That’s all we want from you, a promise that you will come visit our town on June 30th and spend some time with us. There’ll be things for you to see and do. Crafts, Storytelling, a Celebratory Sheep Parade, A local Market, Street Theatre, A Big Old Community Singalong, A Swap Shop and and all of it FREE.

We’re already preparing for you to visit. All 9 Junior Schools in Ossett and Gawthorpe are making huge processional Sheep, sheep masks, sheep headdresses, sheep kazoos. South Parade School’s Samba Band are limbering up to lead a parade of 150 school children who will shout loudly about why our town is so great. Brownies, Guides, Rainbows, Nanas, Mums, Scouts and Ossett’s Secret Knitting Society are preparing a HUGE surprise for you on the day so you must come.

I’ll leave you with an introduction to Baaad Larry and Mabel Mouton. These are our prototype sheep, watch for them out and about in Ossett in the coming months, they sneak out at all hours of the day and night. Last seen at Sandra’s Cabbage Patch picking over the beets. If you want to join the FLOCK and make a HUGE sheep. Contact us at and we’ll tell you where the workshops are. See you Soon.

Picking over the Beets at Sandra's Cabbage Patch.

Picking over the Beets at Sandra’s Cabbage Patch.


Sheila Priest

Dear Sir, I am a member of Wakefield Little Theatre and our next production will be Calendar Girls which will be at The Opera House in September with some of the ticket sales going to Luekeamea Trust. Anyway, I wondered if you could help as we need a rather large knitted blanket and wondered if you had one spare that we may borrow? Sheila Priest


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