And we’re off!

Well we’re up and running. The first sheep has been made and we’re on our way to June 30th.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you BrickHouse Barry!



I have to be honest it feels great to be finally making some stuff for the Flock! and I think you’ll agree that Barry’s a pretty impressive specimen. He was made over two consecutive nights by young people at Ossett’s Brickhouse Youth Centre.  Faceless Arts rocked up with a van full of willow, sticky tape, tissue paper and glue … a HUGE dollop of imagination, patience and joy were thrown in … mixed together with a room full of vibrant energetic teenagers … and Hey Presto. One Barry!!

Barry’s about 6 feet long, 4 feet high and 3 feet wide. He nicely fills the back of Faceless’ Van and there were a few moments of anxiety when he was held aloft for the first time. But he’s beautifully centred and will gracefully adorn our Sheep Parade on June 30th.

I’m really very pleased that we could work with the young folks at The Brickhouse  to get Flock To Ossett off and running. I wonder if any of them would like to knit?


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