Skint And Demoralised at The Edinburgh Fringe


Here at The Observer Office we’re no strangers to the madness that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, over the past 25 years we’ve attended as stage managers, crew, punters, promoters, producers and exasperated programmers desperately rushing round trying to see EVERYTHING. There’s a kind of competitive lunacy that creeps over you

‘How many shows have you seen today?’


‘Four? only four?’

‘I’m on my 5th and I have to get to the Trav by midnight for my 6th, if I take a shortcut down Grassmarket I might make it’

‘Yeah see you at Assembly for drinks later, mwah, bye’

There is no doubt in my mind that you have to keep a level head, do a bit of pre-planning and don’t get seduced into seeing so much that it all becomes a blur. It can be great fun, it can be exhausting and whether you’re a performer, punter or promoter, it’s a bloody expensive pursuit. But it is in our humble opinion the biggest showcase for new work by established and emerging talent that you are likely to encounter. It’s the AGM of theatre, the trade show for Stand Up and it’s not just the festival fringe, there’s the beautiful Edinburgh Book Festival that offers solace in Charlotte Square and a little calm if you find you need it.

So when Matt Abbott Poet and founder member of A Firm Of Poets approached us about taking his show ‘Skint And Demoralised’ to the Edinburgh Festival we said …. ‘Naaaaah you don’t wanna do that’, ‘Naaaaah, it’ll cost you a fortune’ ‘Naaaaah it’s a real risk for any artist on their own’. Thankfully he totally ignored us and here we are 6 months later about to set off to Edinburgh.

There’s lots to see at Edinburgh and it’s hard to decide just what is for you amongst the clamour of folks flyering you on the street and asking, begging, enticing you to go see their show. So we really do want you to go see Matt, he’s a terrific performer, poet and person. His show is funny, heartbreaking, political, northern and about life … stories about people you know, poems that sometimes rhyme but most often don’t. Matt Abbott is Skint And Demoralised so go see him!!!

Matt Abbott is at Sweet Grassmarket Venue 18: from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd August. Tickets Here.

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