Sheep Spotting Anyone??

Dear Visitors, Sheep Spotters and General Flockers.

We know how much fun you’ve all had working with Faceless Arts to make sheep for our Flocking Great Street Parade on Saturday.

There will be hundreds of sheep in our parade, some small and some BIG. This is our register of BIG sheep, each one has been given a special name by it’s maker and will be proudly carried aloft as we process around Ossett on Saturday at 1pm. Gathering Point at Station Road at 12.30pm.


If you’re a sheep fancier, nerdy type, or just want to have a bit of fun with your kids, download our handy register of Ossett Sheep and see how many you can spot.

Let’s have a Flocking Great Time.

See you Saturday.

click here to download the REGISTER OF GIANT SHEEP


Trish Whiteman

The day after… Jacqui you’ve done a brilliant job inspiring and co-ordinating everything for Flock to Ossett – well done! We had a wonderful (flocking great) day – I hope you enjoyed it as much as everyone else clearly did. On to the next event…? I hope so!

Ossett Observer Admin

Thank you so much Trish, I only just saw this comment. We enjoyed our day too 🙂 Keep checking back at the events page to see what we’ve got coming up.


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