Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome.

This is the very first post in the brand new online version of Ossett Observer. For those of you that remember the original Ossett Observer this is a very different thing. We are a collective of residents, artists, mums, dads, thinkers and doers, who want things to be a little different in our town; We want:

  • More access to opportunities to be creative,
  • More opportunities to meet and talk about art,
  • More opportunities to share our passions,
  • More opportunities to spend time in our town centre,
  • More fun and less red-tape.

We decided to use the title Ossett Observer because it’s a name that means something, it used to be our local newspaper, people remember it and the sight of the name makes you look twice. For those that have never heard it before it might sound fun, like an alliterative pun. We’ve been running small events in Ossett for about 6 months now and have recently been awarded Arts Council Funding to run our first programme of community and participatory arts events. Perhaps you saw this article in the Wakefield Express? http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/local/more-wakefield-news/flocking-to-ossett-for-arts-project-1-4338454

Our first programme of work is called Flock To Ossett, funded by Ossett Observer, Arts Council England and Building Ossett Better. Look out for Mungo around the town in May and June.

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If you visit these pages often you will find entries from our correspondents, information about Flock To Ossett and Ossett Observer Events. Please share this link with your pals and we’ll see you soon.

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