Ossett Ukulele Massive, Songbook Volume 1

Hello Happy Ukers everywhere.

Here it is, our very first songbook. Please download it and join us at 2pm on June 30th in Ossett Town Centre for our first Ukulele Massive Jam Session and Singalong.

The Uke Jam will be part of our Flock To Ossett day of celebrations and we hope you will join us with your Jumping Flea for a sing around these joyful ditties.

Click here to download – UKE JAM SONGBOOK VOLUME 1

(Ossett Ukulele Club will be meeting on Wednesday June 20th, 6.30pm at Eller Coffee for a run through of the songs. You are more than welcome to join us, otherwise we’ll see you on the BIG DAY!)


The Full Flock To Ossett Programme is available HERE




carol timlin

Hello I would love to join you all next week but have been unable to download your song book any chance someone could send it

Ossett Observer Admin

Hi Carol. To download the songbook, simply open the PDF and click print in your browser. I’ve emailed you a copy anyway, just in case. Hope you will join us next weekend.


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