Pluck Your Funky Stuff – Mass Uke Jam!

If you’ve read your splendid copy of The Ossett Observer, you will know that at 2.30pm on Saturday June 30th Ossett is inviting Ukulele Players from across the county, nay, THE GLOBE to come and pluck your funky stuff as part of our mass Uke Jam and Singalong. Our Elves are busy preparing tunes for you to practise in the comfort of your own boudoir so that you may join us on the day and make a glorious racket.

Keep Coming Back. The Tunes will be up here soon. We’d love you to join us.







Ossett Observer Admin

Hi Kevan, yes in the next week we’ll be uploading both charts and video/audio. Will let you know when they are available.

John Nutton

Have been having lessons for six weeks now and am gradually getting better. Is your club open to new members as I live in Ossett and it would be nice to get tips from others.

Ossett Observer Admin

Hello John, yes we have mostly beginners at our club so you may find you’re ahead of the game. Our next meeting is at Eller Coffee on Wednesday June 20th. I’m about to upload the charts for the songs we will be playing at the Ukulele Jam in Ossett Town Centre on June 30th, we hope you will join us for that. Check back in a day or so to see the uploaded charts. And we hope to see you on the 20th.


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