Tony Shephard

Tony, as seen by his son Jay.

Tony, as seen by his son Jay.

Tony Shephard is an artist we’ve worked with since 2011. He’s a graphic designer, visual artist, head honcho and desk monkey at Tony has been responsible for all our graphic design work and makes us look great. He’s a joy to work with, has the BEST BEARD in the business and time after time comes up with JUST what we need for our projects, whether it’s a logo, a flyer, a poster, a postcard, an e-book or some funky badge designs.

Tony has also done design and layout for our publications ‘Cigarettes, Beer and Love’ by Ralph Dartford, and ‘Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times’ by A Firm Of Poets two anthologies of poetry of which we are extremely proud.

Our meetings with Tony are always accompanied by the most excellent coffee and when he’s not designing lovely things for us, he can be found behind the drum kit with the crust-punk band Deviated Instinct.

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