Duncan Smith

DuncanDuncan Smith is something of a local hero. It’s not an understatement to say the here at The Observer Office we LOVE Duncan Smith. Even though we’ve claimed him as an Ossett Original, he’s a Gawthorpe lad through and through. If you don’t know the difference between Ossett and Gawthorpe, then you’re not from these parts. We can assure you though that if you met Duncan he’d welcome you wherever you were from.

Duncan works tirelessly for his community. He’s part of the organising team for both Gawthorpe Maypole Procession and The World Coal Carrying Championships, he’s chair of the Parish Council Committee for Trinity Church in Ossett, has a full time job with Wakefield Council and still finds time to help us organise some of our events.

When London Community Gospel Choir came to Ossett, Duncan spent all night in the freezing fog helping folks park their cars, when we paraded round Ossett carrying ridiculously large sheep, Duncan helped us to make the route safe. When we started our #FlashChoir Duncan came and brought his whole family and some friends from the church. BUT … his finest contribution to our projects was his every so slightly bonkers notion of having a pigeon race to decide which order our ‘Poem For Ossett’ should be read in as part of Wakefield Literature Festival.

There are many others like Duncan who give a lot to our town, but we’d like to say thank you to him by making him an #OssettOriginal

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